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Chocolate Chip Cookie Quest

It may seem like a 180 from the 30 Days of Real Food diet (see here), but I’ve decided my next challenge is to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Every baker should have this standard in their arsenal and I realized I’ve never made a cookie that made me go “WOW—can’t stop eating!” ­­So in an attempt to correct that I will be trying various recipes until I discover CCC perfection.

My ideal CCC is thick, slightly chewy and dense, not overly sweet (can eat more that way), soft but not cakey. That being said, I will not be testing recipes a la Tate’s Bake Shop…although now that I think of those tasty treats that crunch and melt in your mouth at the same time, maybe mixing it up is not such a bad idea. In the name of diversity!

I will try to follow the recipes exactly as written, except I will be using a blend of whole wheat and white flours as I try to (somewhat) maintain my Real Food diet. I know this will affect the texture, but such is the trade-off with minimally processed foods. I will also be using semi-sweet or dark chocolate despite the type of chocolate called for in the recipe (milk is too sweet). Any changes I will be sure to note.

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