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Calling All Cupcakes

Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcakes | Kitchen Gidget

This is a call for cupcakes! Specifically: chocolate and vanilla. I’m looking for the perfect “go-to” recipe for each flavor. If you have one you swear by, please share! Must be moist, flavorful, with a tight crumb–but not too heavy or dense! The chocolate cupcakes should have a deep flavor, somewhere in between milk chocolate and devil’s food. The recipes should be easy to make. I don’t really want to separate eggs and beat the whites, or have a million bowls to clean up, etc.

Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcakes | Kitchen Gidget

I’m on a Cupcake Quest. If you followed my chocolate chip cookie quest then you know my quests lead to gold. 🙂 So be sure to follow along! If you see any recipes that look worth testing, forward them to me at kitchengidget @ And apologies in advance to my fellow Richmonders for the extra calories. 😀

The cupcakes pictured above are chocolate with chocolate cheesecake frosting, chocolate drizzle and a raspberry on top.