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Mexican Goulash

Only one pot needed for this spicy beef and tomato Mexican Goulash. An easy, cheesy dinner we could eat every night! Plus, it’s ready in less than 30 minutes!

Close up of spicy Mexican Goulash pasta skillet

Mexican Goulash

Growing up, American goulash was a dinner staple in our family.

And no wonder! It’s a one pot meal with ingredients you most likely have on hand.

It’s filling, comforting and I think you’ll like this spicy goulash with a Mexican twist.

We love easy meals around here – simple to make and easy to clean up.

Bowl of spicy Mexican Goulash

Some of our favorites include this Mexican carne guisada recipe and ricotta pasta with beef.

This Southwestern goulash features ground beef and elbow macaroni simmered in a zesty tomato sauce with chilies and corn.

Best of all it’s cooked in one pot!

A skillet with a lid or a dutch oven is perfect for this recipe.

This recipe also doubles easily for more servings or leftovers!

Mexican Goulash: uncooked pasta being added to skillet

How to Make Mexican Goulash

Begin by sautéing onions and garlic along with your ground beef.

I like to use lean ground beef so I don’t have excess oil.

If your meat is fatty, drain the grease before continuing.

Mexican Goulash: finished skillet dinner topped with cheese

Next, you’ll add all the remaining ingredients – including the macaroni.

You can control how spicy you want the dish by choosing the heat level of your diced tomatoes and chilies.

If you just want a little zip, choose the mild tomatoes and leave out the jalapeños.

If spicy food is your friend, get the extra spicy peppers and feel free to add some cayenne pepper as well.

Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer and cover pot.

Bowl of spicy Mexican Goulash

Cook for 15 minutes then check the pasta for doneness.

The noodles will continue to soften and absorb liquid even after removing from the heat.

If soft and cooked, give it all a stir and add the cheese.

You can add all the cheese at once or stir in half and save the remaining half for topping.

The type of cheese is up to you.

I used Monterrey Jack, but we also love Mexican goulash with cheddar or pepper jack!

Bowl of spicy Mexican Goulash

If you’re looking for some truly authentic Mexican food, give these recipes a try!

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