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Garlic Cheese Bombs

These garlic cheese bombs are stuffed with mozzarella cheese and bursting with flavor. The secret is the buttery garlic sauce which is brushed over the buns while warm so the bread soaks up every last drop. A melted cheese surprise awaits inside!

Brushing a tray of baked garlic cheese bombs with garlic butter

Have you guys tried garlic cheese bombs before? Don’t mean to sound cheesy, but they’re the bomb!

They’re little balls of bread stuffed with cheese and topped with a buttery garlic sauce.

They’re great as a party appetizer, snack or dinner side dish. No boring bread basket here!

Plus, with only five ingredients they’re super simple to make.

I looove recipes that are ready in less than 20 minutes.

Pulling open garlic cheese bombs with melted mozzarella inside

Garlic Cheese Bomb recipe

These garlic cheese bombs start with a can of biscuits. You can you any kind you like.

I tested this recipe with large buttermilk biscuits that had 8 in the tube.

The most important ingredient is the cheese!

Overhead shot of garlic cheese bombs

You can use your favorite cheese, but to get them really melty and gooey use real whole milk mozzarella like the kind used for homemade French Bread Pizza.

Mozzarella string cheese sticks also melt really nice.

But you’re not limited to mozzarella – cheddar would make awesome cheese bombs too!

Another delicious option is Jalapeño Cheese Bombs with cream cheese, jalapenos and bacon!

Plate of baked garlic cheese bombs

But for these cheese bombs, place a cube of cheese in the center of the biscuit and press the edges around it to seal.

You should have a ball shaped biscuit at this point.

Bake them for 10-12 minutes and brush them with garlic butter after they get out of the oven.

If you use unsalted butter (like I do), add a pinch of salt to your butter along with granulated garlic.

There’s a whole teaspoon of garlic in these garlic bombs along with some parsley.

Baking sheet with buttered garlic cheese bombs

You can also substitute Italian seasoning, but I think the parsley adds just the right touch while keeping the focus on the garlic flavor.

These are best served warm while the cheese is still soft and melted inside.

You can always rewarm them in the microwave if needed.

Serve alongside Pasta with Ricotta for a meal that will knock your socks off!

Or, serve with marinara sauce or ranch dressing for an insanely delicious snack!