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Unsloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes get a helping hand from crescent rolls – you can hold these cheesy Unsloppy Joes in one hand without any mess!

Plate of stacked unsloppy joes with beef filling showing

These unsloppy joes could be called various names – sloppy joe hot pockets, sloppy joe hand pies, sloppy joe enpanadas, sloppy joe crescent rolls ups…

All I know is that they’re yummy in my tummy and the least messy way to eat sloppy joes!

Plus, we really enjoy hand-held food around here whether it’s pizza empanadas or buffalo chicken calzones for snacks or dinner.

Inside shot of Unsloppy Joes with beef filling

I certainly appreciate the sauciness of sloppy joe sandwiches, but I prefer my food in my mouth, not all over the plate.

These sloppy joes with crescent rolls are the best way to eat them and using crescent rolls tastes way better than a regular old bun!

I love using crescent rolls for pizza crust too like my Taco Pizza Appetizer!

Enjoy them for lunch, dinner or a gameday appetizer!

To make this easier, I used a can of sloppy joe sauce.

I usually make my own, but you can’t beat the convenience of one can!

Plate of freshly baked unsloppy joes

Unsloppy Joes

Brown the ground beef, drain excess grease, add the sauce and simmer until thick.

Next, mix in shredded cheddar cheese until melted.

You can even leave out the cheese if desired. But that’s crazy talk!

To make the individual pies, I used 2 cans of crescent roll SHEETS. Not the rolls, the whole sheets.

Sloppy Joe mixture on crescent roll dough

Unroll the rectangle and cut each one into 4 pieces. Easy peasy with a pizza cutter.

You will have 8 small rectangles of dough.

Divide the meat mixture among the crescent pieces.

I used a large cookie scoop (about 1/4 cup) and it turned out to be the perfect size.

Cookie sheet of unbaked unsloppy joes

Place the meat on one half of a rectangle, then fold the other half over the meat. Pinch the 3 ends to seal, or crimp with a fork.

I used my silicone baking mats to ensure the unsloppy joes wouldn’t stick to the pan when baking.

This recipe was tested by the husband and he heartily approved!

Plus, leftovers packed up well for an easy lunch the next day which is another win!

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